Sustainable Oil and Gas Using Blockchain

Sustainable Oil and Gas Using Blockchain Book Cover

Sustainable Oil and Gas using Blockchain

  • Explores the challenges and opportunities that the energy transition provides for the oil and gas industry
  • Examines in detail how blockchain technology can help accelerate the global energy transition
  • Reviews current and future applications of blockchain technology in the context of energy transition
As the world shifts towards a sustainable energy future, the oil and gas industry faces significant challenges and opportunities. Focusing on the development of a sustainable O&G industry, the book delves into the role of climate and financial markets in the energy sector, applications of blockchain in sustainable energy development, and the challenges of legal and regulatory issues in applying blockchain technology. It provides insight into how the energy industry is already working on reducing carbon emissions and paving the way to a sustainable future with detailed examples of reducing methane emissions, carbon credit markets, sustainable aviation fuels, and plastics.  The book also examines how O&G companies could further their sustainability initiatives using blockchain technology for emission data monitoring, carbon capture, utilization, storage, and supply-chain management to develop clean products.  “

Authors and Contributors

Soheil Saraji

Dr. Soheil Saraji is an Energy and Petroleum Engineering Associate Professor, co-director of the Hydrocarbons Research Laboratory, and Adjunct Professor at the School of Energy Resources at the University of Wyoming. He has more than eighteen years of research experience in subsurface energy extraction, storage, and carbon geo-sequestration. Additionally, Dr. Saraji is a pioneer in applied blockchain research for the oil and gas industry. He has developed new courses and research initiatives on this topic at the University of Wyoming.

Si Chen

Mr. Si Chen is the President of Open Source Strategies, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA, which specializes in open source software for climate finance and investing, and founder of, which provides analysis on climate investing and the oil and gas industry.  He leads the development of open source blockchain carbon accounting software at Hyperledger Labs.  Previously, he has managed investment portfolios for institutional pension funds, central banks, and hedge funds and has been published in The Journal of Portfolio Management.  He is also the co-founder and CTO of, an online retailer. 

Bertrand Rioux

Bertrand Rioux is the director of Two Ravens Energy & Climate Consulting, and formerly a Research Fellow at KAPSARC, an independent energy economics & policy think tank. He is an active member of the Hyperledger Climate Action Special Interest Group and contributor to the open source hyperledger-labs blockchain-carbon-accouting project. He holds graduate degrees in Atmospheric Physics & Chemistry, Marine Engineering, and Blockchain & Digital Currency.

Pardis Terani

Pardis Moslemzadeh Tehrani is the Associate Head of the Law School, at the Faculty of Business, Law and Tourism, University of Sunderland. Before joining Sunderland University, she was a Senior Lecturer and Visiting Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya. Her research spans the area of information technology law, international law and legal research methodology. She is the author and co-author of more than 70 research papers, books, book chapters and conference papers. She has served at conferences, seminars, forums and workshop programme committees and delivered talks at various panels, NGOs, research centres and international bodies such as ICRC and other Human Rights organisations.